Looking after someone in your family?
There is support for people just like you.

Looking after someone in your family?

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Young Carer Stats


27.7% of young primary carers live outside major cities of Australia


272,200 is the estimated amount of young carers around Australia


84.9% of young primary carers aged 15 to 24 years speak English and 21.1% speak another language at home


60,000 is the approximate number of young carers in Australia under the age of 15

Young Carer Bursary Program

Financial support, so you have more time to look after yourself, and the person you are caring for.

*Young carers are aged under 25 years old. Primary carers is a term that can only be used once a young carer is over 15 years of age. A young primary carer provides the substantial portion of care received by a recipient. There are approximately 20,700 young primary carers, aged 15 to 24 years in Australia.