Resources and links

State and territory carers associations

Click on your state or territory below to find out what supports are available to young carers in your area:


Relaxation Podcasts

Below are links to a range of audio files with a variety of relaxation techniques for young carers who need to take some time for themselves:

The Whoosh Breath 

Count out Loud Breath

Ten Minute Relaxation

The Bin 

Hum out Loud Breath

Twenty Minute Relaxation

Relaxation Music


Carers Australia publications

A range of publications from Carers Australia in support of young carers, their families and education.

  • Supporting Families, Supporting Young Carers
    • A resource for parents, offering tips and strategies from other parents and young carers, to help support and understand your own children.
  • Who Cares? We Do
    • Information and advice for young carers.
  • Young carers in Education
    • Information for schools about young carers in rural and remote Australia, raising awareness of the unique challenges faced by young carers living in these communities.
  • Supporting young carers in secondary schools
    • A resource designed to support teachers by raising awareness of some of the needs of young carers, suggesting how young carers can be identified, and de-stigmatising the young carer role.

A more extensive range of resources, research and publications can be found at the Carers Australia website.


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