Just become a carer?

Did you just become a carer?

Have you just found yourself having to look after someone in your family? Right now, you may feel alone. But there are many other young carers who have gone through this too. Here are some of their experiences.

1. In the early days, you can feel disoriented

I was looking at this caring role and wondering "What have I just been thrown at?".’ - Kylie

2. You may feel anxious about the future

It's scary because it's such a big unknown for me and for the person I was looking after. I hadn't done this before, and there was a whole heap of struggles that I previously didn't have to deal with.’ - Alexi

3. You are not alone

Even if you feel that it's you against the world, you're not alone. There's support you can access, and other carers out there. Maybe they aren't going through exactly the same thing, but they will have similar situations.’ - Jack

4. Over time, people do adjust to being carers

It does get better. Just fight what you think when it first happens, you know? It gets better because you get better at it.’ - Steve

5. Find time to look after yourself

It's so important that you look after yourself, even when it feels impossible. It’s hard to think about yourself even for a second, and not the person you care for.’ - Beth