FAQ and testimonials


How long are the bursaries for?
Each bursary is for 12 months only.

How do I apply?
Complete an application form online. Applications open each year for six weeks, usually in July. 

Can I apply if I was successful in a previous year?
Yes, you can apply every year you're eligible!

I was accepted last year, do I need to apply again?
Yes, you do need to submit a new application each year. 

What does the application form ask me?
The application asks a series of questions such as;

  • How long have you been caring?
  • How many people do you care for?
  • Where do you live?
  • What school or course you will be attending?
  • What is your household income?

Along with a number of free text boxes so you can share your circumstances in more detail.  

When will I be notified if I am shortlisted?

On average, results are available 16 weeks after applications close. 

What will I need to provide if I am shortlisted? 

Shortlisted candidates are required to provide evidence which supports their application. This includes proof of; age, identity, citizenship, caring, educational enrollment, parent consent and bank details. 

How will you make contact with me?

Please closely monitor your email inbox as the majority of our communications are via email.



Below are a number of testimonials from previous bursary recipients. Identifying details have been replaced for privacy reasons. 

[The bursary] has helped with transport, especially when mum isn't well. I feel more independent being able to pay for school things without having to feel a burden on my mum who only receives Carer Payment. I feel more open to fulfil more options.

I would never have been able to afford to do the courses I want without the bursary. I have also been able to purchase a tablet, which has made it easier to study while continuing my caring role.

I have been almost stress-free, surprisingly. I feel empowered and very independent.

It shifts lots of things in a good way when paying for uniforms and school things is not such a worry.

Not to have to work as many hours as I have been and to decrease to the minimum amount while still retaining my job. I know I can stay at school for another year as the bursary has paid my fees.

I feel very safe and financially secure right now, more than I ever have been. I have so much more time and I don't feel pressured to have to work and study at the same time. 

The bursary has not only lifted a weight in terms of the cost of my education and all the expenses that come with it, it has also contributed greatly to my everyday life, supporting my sporting interests, finances and community life.

It has given me peace of mind to know I have financial back-up for any necessary items or services I might require whilst I finish my university degree and continue to care for my mum.

I have more time to study, spend time relaxing with friends and participate in social events. My grades have improved a lot. I feel very satisfied.

I no longer stress myself over financial issues. I have been able to use the money on respite for mum so I can play sport. I have also got a gym membership so I lost 20 kilograms. I feel amazing.

I feel like I fit in at school because I am included in all the trips run in my classes.