The assessment process

The Young Carer Bursary Program is assessed in four stages. The first stage uses a mathematical scoring system based on the answers provided in each application.  This scoring is applied automatically, after the application is submitted.  This scoring system was developed by the Department of Social Services.

In the second stage, Carers Australia staff review the applications to validate the scoring. From here, a preliminary shortlist is prepared for the Independent Assessment Panel to review.

In stage three, the Independent Assessment Panel, consisting of three subject matter experts, reviews each shortlisted application form. The panel then decides who has the greatest level of need and ultimately this produces the final shortlist.  The decision of the Independent Assessment Panel is final.

Carers Australia will then contact the applicants on the final shortlist and ask for supporting documentation, such as proof of identity, age, carer status, educational enrolment, and to establish Australian residency/citizenship status.  Once this evidence is provided to Carers Australia, the applicant is then assessed as successful. This is the final assessment stage.